From beneath our sleeping volcano comes this 

fine blend of rare flavours, hand-crafted in small batches to create the world’s southernmost aquavit. Volcanic spring waters, unique rainforest herbs, ancient aromatics and rare native woods combine to bring you an original aquavit like no other.


Our aim is to make a truly New Zealand aquavit, 
with ingredients that cannot be found
 anywhere else in the world – to create a unique spirit, 
one that allows us  to draw from our Nordic roots and 
to share our own southern heritage, our own pristine 
environment, our own beautiful home.

akevitt akvavit zealand aquavit

All our New Zealand herbs, spices and native timbers are ethically sourced from sustainably managed natural resources. Rare timbers are milled under government permits issued by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries, and are generally retrieved only

from storm-damaged trees.

akevitt akvavit zealand aquavit

Please enjoy responsibly. Don’t drink alcohol

if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.